Collaboratory is a cloud based content management, blended with digital whiteboarding and true distance collaboration that can foster reduced travel, decision making time, and time to market while increasing understanding and awareness of subject matter for Education and Corporate customers. Collaboratory provides the ability to share materials and collaborate with students, employees and remote staff to facilitate classroom and meetings.

Collaboratory is your solution to help utilize unified communication technology effectively.

Collaboratory is a web-based platform helping instructors, students and employees collaborate and seamlessly share content inside and outside the classroom or office. It is designed to improve instruction and increase achievement with a technology solution that organizes instructional materials, tags them to standards or key words, and encourages engagement and interaction through social learning features.

As an advanced cloud-based solution, Collaboratory creates an online learning community where teachers and coaches can assign student/employee work, track participation and performance, and provide targeted feedback, all online and in real-time. The Collaboratory cloud based content management platform supplies the tools with video conferencing, digital white boarding, and collaboration for the entire educational body or corporate environment. Our interactive technology solutions deliver the power of Microsoft® Lync™, software combined with leading edge audio/video conferencing, to deliver quality of service (QoS) and security.

From our implementation and support teams to our professional development team providing courses and technology training, Collaboratory is dedicated to helping instructors and coaches transition their classrooms and corporate meeting spaces into the 21st Century.

We work with Education institutions, federal, healthcare, and Fortune 500 companies to deliver and deploy the latest in collaborative technology products at a competitive price. Carvechi provides the integration services, design, and technology training to the future success of our projects and implementation.

Collaboratory includes:

  • Video conferencing
  • Instruction and training
  • Collaboration support for digital white boarding and multiple interfaces with Microsoft Lynch integration.
  • Collaboratory is available for Education, Business, and trade show/meeting rental services.

  • How does Collaboratory help students and coaches?

  • Provides teachers a cloud based central location to organize teacher and/or publisher-created resources and instructional tools.
  • Teachers to assign student work, track participation, and provide targeted feedback, all online and in real-time from any device.
  • Allows teachers to upload and share content with their students that is searchable from desktop and/or mobile environments.
  • Uploaded content can be tag by key words, subject, author, grade level, topic, time frame, and/or scope and sequence, as well as Common Core State Standards.
  • Offers search and browse functionalities for filtered web content and YouTube Education to help teachers incorporate appropriate online tools into their lessons.
  • Provides annotation tools that allow teachers and students to edit student work in various media formats
  • Provides access to real-time text and video chat as well as built-in white board capability.
  • Offers features for Project-Based Learning and Professional Learning Communities.
  • Teacher planning folders can be shared across network to coordinate with scope and sequencing, and create virtual teacher mentoring.
  • Professional development sessions can be utilized and managed by individuals and groups during trainings and for anytime accessibility.

  • How does Collaboratory provide insights for school and district leaders?

  • Has an ability to integrate with student information systems
  • System provides the ability for authorized users to set privacy access settings
  • Compatible with both desktop and mobile devices
  • Secure exchange for login and content sourcing, integration, and storage into lessons from both internal and external applications and/or repositories. Can accommodate the following custom integrations:
  • Ability to leverage existing portal user credentials to allow for a single sign-on environment
  • Ability to integrate with either existing and/or third-party applications to allow single sign-on from district’s existing portal
  • Ability to allow administrators, teachers, students, parents to use one set of usernames / passwords to access the platform from the portal, as well as internal and third-party applications
  • Ability to authenticate users via SIS and/or active directory for single sign-on

  • Collaboratory offers secure data streaming conferencing and unified screen sharing. Our interactive technology solutions deliver the power of Microsoft® Lync™, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint® software combined with leading edge audio/video conferencing, to deliver quality of service (QoS) and security.

    We can help you:

    Support a user community working across a diverse set of locations (mobile, office, remote)

    Respond faster to customer needs and increase your collaboration with customers and partners

    Maximize operational efficiency by reducing travel, real estate, communications and IT costs

    Attract and retain staff as well as reduce the costs associated with attrition and recruitment

    Ensure effective information governance and security