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Carvechi Technology (CT) is a leader in Managed IT Services and Industry Cloud Suite Platform PaaSage. Carvechi is a full service Managed Services Company with 18 years of experience. Our team consists of specialized IBM, Cisco & SAP Certified Engineers, serving private and government based customers throughout the Americas, with offices in Miami, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Jose, CR.

What is PaaSage?

PaaSage is enhancing how Sports and Entertainment organizations deliver seamless and engaging experiences across all fan engagement, analysis, and interaction channels. PaaSage enables organizations to monetize the fan based experience. The solution delivers real-time information on fans interaction history, profile, social influences, and turning legacy data into dollars with powerful analytics.

PaaSage provides organizations the ability to transform fans into loyal brand advocates. PaaSage is able to show a positive ROI analysis in 2 years.

PaaSage enables Sports & Entertainment customers to achieve the following:

  • Insights, into the fan and powerful analytics.
  • Encourage and enrich fan engagement and analysis through intelligent statistics.
  • Fan online experience management.
  • View social feeds and patterns to find complaints from the fans prior to game time.
  • Increase sales through a targeted Web experience that fits each fan’s habits and profile.

What We Do

  • Refresh IT Departments
  • Managed IT Services
  • Sports & Entertainment Cloud Platform
  • Near Shore Development

How We Do It?

  • Business Services
  • Application Services
  • Data Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Global Nearshore Development Model
  • Enterprise Development Services

Why Carvechi?

High-maturity (people, process & tools) Reduce risk
Industry Specific Software for the Cloud
  • Secure Global Cloud
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • PaaSage for Sports and Entertainment will help users increase top-line revenue growth and reduce bottom-line expenses
  • Cerifited Cisco, IBM and SAP Experts
Longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships
  • Committed, results-oriented & Customer Driven
  • Evolving “Engagement Models”
  • Continuous Improvement (beyond the evident)
  • Corporate Culture Trust & Integrity
Large capacity and proven capabilities
  • Successful large & complex engagements
  • Combine local, regional and global capabilities
  • Infrastructure to scale-up
Global competitiveness Cost-effective solutions
  • Near Shore Delivery Model
  • Just In Time Value Model