Carvechi Technology
(877) 276-5939
Carvechi Technology (CT) is a cutting edge minority owned Hardware and systems integrator solutions provider designed to service our private and government based customers throughout North America and Latin America. Offices in Miami, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Costa Rica, CT specializes in Nearshore Development, Enterprise Networking Solutions, Global Technology Services.

What We Do

  • Improve time to market
  • Lower application development costs
  • Superior standards-based testing methodologies
  • Produce predictable outcomes

How We Do It?

  • Business Services
  • Application Services
  • Data Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Global Nearshore Development Model
  • Enterprise Development Services

Why Carvechi?

High-maturity (people, process & tools) Reduce risk
Longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships
  • Committed, results-oriented & Customer Driven
  • Evolving “Engagement Models”
  • Continuous Improvement (beyond the evident)
  • Corporate Culture Trust & Integrity
Large capacity and proven capabilities
  • Successful large & complex engagements
  • Combine local, regional and global capabilities
  • Infrastructure to scale-up
Global competitiveness Cost-effective solutions
  • Near Shore Delivery Model
  • Just In Time Value Model