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We are a Provider of Solutions
for the Following Business Areas:

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The Leading Edge in Audio, Video, & Digital Whiteboard Technology

Miami Technology Outsourcing Services

Education  ⋄  Banking & Financial Services  ⋄  Government  ⋄  Healthcare  ⋄ Travel & Transportation
Carvechi Technology and Solutions Mission Statement

IT Services

Business Continuity and Cloud Resiliency: Carvechi Technology and Solutions helps clients maintain business operations, regulatory compliance, improved systems availability, data protection and integration of risk management strategies.

  • The offering: Plan for critical disruptions with proactive data backup, enhanced security and virtualized recovery.
  • Manage governmental regulations applying to business continuity
  • Leverage Carvechi Technology solutions to recommend an business pan for the resilience of your business goals.

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Development Services

Carvechi Solutions web development services division focuses on emerging mobile responsive web development technologies. Providing specialized solutions in web design, responsive design, custom web development and mobile app development. Serving clients in Miami, Florida and nationwide.

Exceeding our tenth years as an award winning enterprise development firm our elite team of developers have created unique digital business tools for SMB and Enterprise corporations . Carvechi has the insight and the intelligence to start with the big picture and then pinpoint our focus on achieving our clients’ business goals.

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Carvechi technology and Solutions provides products and integration services from leading manufactures for the following categories:

  • Servers
  • Software
  • Data Storage
  • Audio Visual Integrations
  • Security Solutions
  • Network Cabling
  • Network Devices
  • Collaboration mobile workstations
  • Smart technology interactive technology
  • Hosted video conferencing

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